TOUT IS NOT ALWAYS BLANC, detective novel by Jean-Louis Courchesne

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Everything is not always white

Detective story

by Jean-Louis Courchesne


Quebec detective novel "Élise learns from Inspector Laplante of the death of Jérôme, her younger brother. He had inherited two million dollars from Uncle Henri. Ether, his older sister, had received two hundred thousand dollars, and Élise, a simple and mysterious grandfather clock, of little apparent value. Who will inherit the fortune? A plot is emerging and, even dead, would Jerome have thwarted the plan of the promoters? The inspector wants to know the truth and will not hesitate to use unorthodox means to achieve his ends. He will try to find out more about Élise, who will think he is setting a trap for her. Is Élise in danger? So what does the enigmatic Uncle Henry have in store for the one he affectionately calls his favorite niece?

Then everything becomes whiter than white.

A novel based, in some ways, on facts. "

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