POLYMER JEWELERY, Necklaces with polymer pendant of different and reversible shapes - Black and gold series, Carole Charron-Gagnon

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Each pendant is unique! Handmade pendants in polymer clay with a satin finish, exclusive to abstract or striped patterns with rings and beads in gold metal.

Adjustable in length, you can wear them on any occasion near the neck to the neckline of your blouse (choker) or over your clothing.

The round necklace with a reversible abstract pattern, it is sold with a black suede-finished cord whose length can easily vary between 16 and 32 inches (40 and 80 cm) approximately thanks to its cord stop *. The height of the pendant is approximately 4 inches including the polymer pendants.

* The cord stopper lets you easily shorten the length of the collar by several inches to fit your clothing. It offers more flexibility for length than the standard 2 inch (5 cm) extension chain.

The heart-shaped necklace, also reversible, is sold with a black and silky cord whose length varies between 16 and 26 inches (40 and 65 cm) approximately thanks to its two nooses. The height of the pendant is approximately 3.5 inches (8 cm) including the round polymer pendant.

Limited time offer: Buy 2 or more polymer necklaces, all series combined, and you will receive an organza pouch for each.

It will be my pleasure to answer your special requests.

Manufacturing. Each piece of polymer is worked by hand and requires several steps: coloring, texture, cut, shape, firing, sanding, polishing, varnishing and assembly. This artisanal technique causes certain irregularities, but this is what gives it its uniqueness and authenticity.

Free delivery in Quebec.

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