I am someone who just does not feel his age. I consider chronological age to be less important than the spirit we maintain. I work with all generations but I get along particularly well with young people or those who have managed to keep an open mind, a sense of wonder before the beauties of this world, a courageous positivism in front of the trials and faith in THE FUTURE.

I have had all kinds of life experiences, beautiful ones and deeply difficult ones. Here, I want to share what is good and good about this experience. The creativity potential who lives in each of us just ask to speak. In a broad sense, it does not only include the arts but any idea that we are ready to put into action for society, with the intention of'to bring something of staff, of new, of different and of constructive. In my opinion, this is what must continue to feed to stay alive!

I take advantage of my experiences as an artist (multidisciplinary in visual arts), entrepreneur (I have already set up a thrift store for children) and my knowledge about Shopify, to create this project that brings together young and old involved in various artistic disciplines.  The virtual side allows the participation of different creators regardless of their origin, the moment whether they come from Quebec.

Art in general is poorly known to Quebecers, many prejudices have always circulated. The vast majority of artists do not calculate their time and work hard to produce a satisfactory work.  Little people would choose to work so hard for so little. It is only a small minority who manage to do their job. I hope I can change, if only a little, this negative perception and ensure that citizens of Quebec love and encourage local artists.

If everyone's success would be our own success, imagine what would become of our QUEBEC !!!!

 '' I have a dream '',

Martin Luther King

                                                                                                         Louise Dupont