Hello dear visitor and dear visitor!

During the coronavirus, when I was confined at home, like everyone in Quebec and elsewhere in the world, I wanted to create this site for Artists, Craftsmen and Crafts people from home. Faced with this ordeal that has affected us all, the need to find a mutual aid solution manifested itself. Some Quebec creators hesitate to come out of the shadows to expose themselves to the virtual world, or they simply don't have the time or the motivation to do so. 

In Quebec, there is a long way to go to educate the majority of people to choose original creations, handmade, instead of mass-produced knockoffs from China, and found in big box stores. With the help of the creators and through a blog, I would like to add an educational component allowing to understand the importance of Art in a society.

Another point that influenced me in my approach is learning that we were in first position among the Provinces of Canada to send the elderly to CHSLDs. In a society that wants to be more and more inclusive, what do we do with aging people? We put them aside, we should not be surprised then by the deterioration of their state of physical and mental health. Through this project, I want to strengthen the links between the generations.  I wish a collaboration between young and old for the best of their future. 

We are counting on you to support this project, encourage local creators to believe in them and feel appreciated by the citizens of Quebec. In return, we will present you with accessible works majority of budgets. At the same time, you will contribute to success of the Quebec economy, and for all these reasons, we will be deeply grateful.

Browse the entire site, make yourselves at home !  If you like it, nothing forbids'' invite your friends to do the same.

Thank you very muchr,

The team of `` ART 100 AGE ''