The real question: WHY BUY ART?

Posted by Louise Dupont on

July 19, 2020


We agree that even if save tax while buying a work of art is interesting for some, it is not a sufficient reason for buy artSo why do it?


In Quebec, art and crafts are not recognized at their true value by everyone.  We don't know the whole gait, learning, trial and error, the hours spent on master a technique, in short all the upstream work it takes to update a creation.  Some people think of it as a hobby, a game, a lucrative hobby. For some it is, I do not deny it. However, for a large majority of creators is a way of life which they cannot do without, it is a way of being in the world, of leave its mark in society. 


The Arts in general, feed dreams, feed the imagination, catalyze emotions, what would human beings be without music, painting, writing ...?  An efficient, efficient and soulless robot. Do you know someone who never listens to music, never reads, has nothing to decorate their walls? I hope not! So why do artists and artisans not, for the most part, make a living from their ART? You will tell me, there are too many, I will tell you, so much the better, there is variety. You will tell me, it is not always well done, I will tell you, you are free to choose but at least watch. You will tell me, it is too expensive, I will tell you, BUY LESS BUT BUY BETTER!


In France, children learn from kindergarten to know the Great Classical Painters.  They are made to appreciate Art.  In Quebec, there are so many artistic talents of all kinds to encourage.  Let us be in solidarity, mass purchases in large American shopping centers should at the very least decrease and discount purchases coming from the exploitation of children and adults working in China, no longer have their reason for existing.


I would like each artist and craftsman to be able to sell his creations, not only for his wallet but above all for the `` RECOGNITION '' that it represents. A salary for a job, whatever it is, is above all a recognition of the efforts made, of the heart put to work, of the good will to participate in society. Without it, a salary does not bring happiness and work is unsatisfactory.


This project for me is not just a shop, it's a CAUSE. My greatest wish is that Quebec recognize all the talents that exist in our country and participates in the expansion of ART in general, instead of always finding that the grass is greener in our neighbors!


Louise Dupont

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